A Happy Birthday Message to The Queen | British Royal Family from Somtochukwu Lady-Diana Okoye


Dear Queen Elizabeth,

I hope to make history in the Royal Family some day. A happy birthday message to the Queen as she is a Taurus zodiac just like me. I wish you the best in your ability to lead the people of the UK and continue to make the UK, the most sort after peaceful location in the world.

I also want to use this opportunity to appreciate the works of the Commonwealth in my country, Nigeria.

My name is Somtochukwu; I am from Igbo Origin in Nigeria; Sub-saharan Africa and I am an Economist and Public Policy Expert passionate about providing rural communities in Nigeria with more infrastructure and industry development.

I have been fascinated by the Monarchy system of the United Kingdom and the peaceful level of development in the country. I hope to learn from it.

If there are programmes that will be beneficial to Nigeria, I will love to be invited to attend.

Yours in royalty,

Somtochukwu Lady-Diana Okoye

Professsional Website: www.somtochukwu,com.ng/about-me
Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/somtochukwu
Instagram: www.instagram.com/somtochukwunigeria
Facebook: www.facebook.com/okoyesomtodiana
Twitter: www.twitter.com/madampresidentn
Telephone Number: 08061338655

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Visionary Leader and Development Economist in Nigeria. Consultant at Bufiredd Economic Consultancy.
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