About Robin shamans book “The monk who sold his Ferrari”

Collins Chisom

I express special thanks: • To the thousands of readers of my first book, MegaLiving!, who graciously took the time to write to me and share how it changed their lives. I also thank all those who have attended my public seminars across North America as well as Sharma Leadership International’s many corporate clients, who have been such wonderful sponsors of my speaking programs for their employees. • To my editor, John Loudon, for your belief in this book and for your faith in me. Thanks as well to Margery Buchanan, Karen Levine, and the rest of the superb team at HarperSanFranciseo for investing your energies in this project • To Brian Tracy, Mark Victor Hansen, and my other colleagues in the self-leadership field for your kindness. • To Kathi Dunn for your brilliant cover design. I thought nothing could top the Timeless Wisdom for Self-Mastery cover you did for us. I was wrong. • To Satya Paul, Krishna, and Sandeep Sharma for your constant encouragement. • And most of all, to my wonderful parents, Shiv and Shashi Sharma, who have guided and helped me from day one; to my loyal and wise brother Sanjay Sharma, M.D., and his good wife, Susan; to my daughter, Bianca, for your presence; to my son, Colby, for your spirit, and to my wife and best friend, Alka. You are all the light that shows me the way.

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