Atiku Mocks Son, Mustapha, Over Chelsea’s Loss To Arsenal

Atiku Mocks Son Over Chelsea’s Loss To Arsenal, Says “He Has Refused To Reach Out To Me After Match”

Football, more than any other sports, has become little gods not only in Nigeria alone but the entire world. Often, we have seen on many occasions situations where mother and daughter, brother, and sister, and father and son do make mockery of themselves or exchange banters with each other simply because his/her darling team outshines the other team. Some kids can mock their dads or mums if the parents’ teams lose an important match. Conversely, parents too have been seen on countless occasions subjecting their kids to an element of mockery, either in public or in private over defeat of his darling team.

A few hours ago, a prominent politician and a former presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar, was caught in a similar act being a football pundit too. The former Vice President took to his official Twitter handle to mock his son’s team loss to another team. You could remember that Arsenal football club defeated its London rival, Chelsea football club in a London derby at the Emirates stadium. The match between the two familiar enemies that took place on Boxing Day has now become the much talked about among football lovers across the globe. Hence, Atiku is also not left out in this interesting debate. He simply got stuck to his Twitter handle shortly after the match.

Atiku, a rumoured presidential candidate for 2023, wrote: “I would usually expect my son, @HHMustaphaAA to reach out to me on days like this, but it is almost half an hour since the #ARSvCHE game ended, no word. Can anyone tell me why?”

His son, Mustapha Abubakar Atiku replied: “Congratulations on a well-deserved victory, Dad. Hopefully you can stay away from the relegation battle ��.”

As it can be deduced from above, Atiku is a die-hard gunners while his son is blues for life. He had challenged his son to speak up to the outcome of the match. He recalled how his son, Mustapha do reach out to him on a match day like this. His son finally summoned courage to reply his dad. He congratulated him on his team well-deserved victory, saying at least with the win he is sure that Arsenal is gradually getting out of trouble zones as the club was placed 15th on the log before the London derby.


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