Billie Eilish Reflects on Britney Spears’ ‘Horrible’ Conservatorship

In a recent interview, Billie Eilish reflected on Britney Spears’ ongoing conservatorship battle, calling the situation she and many other girls face “really, really horrible.”

It’s really, really horrible what a lot of young women have gone through—I mean, to this day. I didn’t have a team that wanted to fuck me over—which is really kind of rare, which [itself] is pretty fucked up.

All I have to be is just grateful that I happened to have a good group of people around me that … didn’t want to just take advantage of me and do what people have done in the past.

Just last month, Britany testified in court in an attempt to get her conservatorship, which she described as abusive, terminated. She said the arrangement has impacted her freedom for the last 13 years and has had next to no control over her finances, medical decisions, and even everyday activities.

A lot of celebrities have come forward to offer their support to the singer, and Billie just joined the list.

Last week, Britany offered support to those close to her but offered insincere support for her during this difficult time.

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