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Burnt bricks in Nigeria

High Quality Local Burnt Bricks (L230 H125 W100) in bulk for Building is available at – Nigeria’s No 1 online store for Bricks.

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Minimum order quantity is 4000 pieces.

Description of the brick

Name : Solid Burnt Bricks

Dimension/Measurement/ Size

Metric measurement (Milimetre: MM)

Length: 230 mm
Height: 115 mm
Width: 100 mm

Imperial measurement (Inches: In)

Length: 9.0 in
Height: 4.5 in
Width: 4.0 in


It is a load bearing brick. Thus, it is used for building houses, churches, mosque, etc


Bricks displayed on this website are measured in mm and inch (Millimetre & inches) respectively.


Your brick will be delivered to your construction site. Transportation cost is not included in the price, it will depend on the quantity to be purchased and the location where it will be delivered.

What is a brick?

A brick is used in building to make walls, pavements, slabs, beams etc. and it is traditionally made from clay soil. A brick is a small rectangular block typically made of fired or sun-dried clay, used in building. Bricks are produced burnt in a kiln or air dried into numerous types and sizes and is produced in bulk quantities. Burnt bricks are one of the longest-lasting and strongest type of blocks available and weigh less than cement blocks of the same size.

Advantages of Building with Bricks

Bricks are preferable to other construction materials because:

It is Unique

Its strength and Durability: brick is a trusted building material that lasts for many centuries. We actually don’t know how long the bricks last, as some of the oldest buildings in the world are still standing and there is no doubt they’ll keep standing. Thus, brick is one of the most ecological building materials on the market, as bricks will always last longer than wood, cast and other light building materials.

The finishing is smooth, making plastering and painting unnecessary.

Cost Saving; with the excluded cost of plastering and painting, building with bricks is cheaper when compared to building with concrete blocks.

It is bulletproof

The red colour is appealing and blends well with the natural environment: these bricks are being sourced from natural materials which is the best appropriate for our climate and environment.

Blends well with plants and gardens.

Regulates internal temperature.

Does not weather easily.

It is Sound proof.

It avoid cracks in walls.

Best for building private and public projects like Houses, Mosques, Churches, Markets, Schools, Hospitals, Recreational facilities etc.

Besides comfort, a building made of bricks also has some financial advantages. Houses made entirely out of brickwork cost less in the long run, because they need less energy for heating. Research has proved that bricks for internal walls are best suited to households with passive and lower energy consumption, as the walls efficiently support the house’s heating system and also absorb humidity that cannot escape through efficient climate shielding.

Finally, it is also very beneficial that houses completely made of bricks are often more attractive and attract higher values, should you want to sell them one day. This is down to, among other factors, the excellent properties relating to energy consumption and indoor climate, and in addition, houses completely made of bricks are already associated with better quality.

An interior wall made of bricks does not deteriorate as quickly as other materials. It has a higher durability and reduces the risk of cracks.
100% Natural – Brick is a clean natural material that doesn’t impact on the environment. Bricks are fired at temperatures so high that organic materials are eradicated.

A house completely made of bricks has a future, and the more energy-friendly you intend to build, the more relevant it becomes to decide on a completely brick-built house. By building in brick, you can enjoy a house that is both good for your health and your wallet.

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