Applied Statistics II

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In this Economics Course; Applied Statistics II, you will learn;

  • Manpower Survey, Common Economic and Business Indexes
  • Application of Statistical Measures in Analysis of Census Figures
  • Foreign Trade Data Analysis; Problems in Interpreting Balance of Payments Statistics; Indices of Wage Rates and Income
  • Forecasting the pay-off Table; Regression and Correlation Analysis; The Population Regression Coefficient p; Testing Hypothesis about p; Interpreting tests about p; Linearity, Reduction of Uncertainty and Independence
  • Pearson’s Chi Square (Testing Hypotheses about Entire Distributions: Tests of Association, Tests of Homogeneity; Test of Independence; Goodness of Fit for Normality; The Median Test; Fourfold Point Correlation: the phi Co-efficient; A Test of Correlation Proportion; A test of Homogeneity when the Expected Frequencies are Small.
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