Econometrics and Research Methods

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In this Economics Course; Econometrics and Research Methods, you will learn;

  • Research, Meaning and Methods
  • The Role and Function of Research; Criteria for a good research
  • Stages of Research Process; Evolutionary trend of Social Science Research; Research Design; Qualitative and Quantitative Divide in Research
  • Different Research Designs; Developing a Research Plan; Referencing (Meaning and Purpose)
  • Types of Referencing Styles; Project/Thesis/Dissertation Proposal and Final Reports; Sampling and Data Collection; Time Series Data, Survey Data and Cross-Sectional Data in Economic Analyses
  • The Use of Different Statistical Procedures including Survey Methods (Simple Correlation and Regression Analysis); Non-parametric Tests 9Chi-Square); Binomial Distribution and The Mann-Whitney U (Wilcoxon-Mann-Whimney)
  • Definition and Scope of Econometrics; Methodology of Econometrics; Types of Econometrics
  • Simple Linear Multicolinearity; Autocorrelation; Homescedasticity and Heteroscedasticity and Two Stage Least Square Identification Problems
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