Financial Institutions

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In this Economics Course, Financial Institutions, you will learn;

  • The Meaning and Forms of Financial Institutions – Bank Financial Institutions.
  • The Commercial Banks, Savings Bank, Building Societies/Mortgage Banks, Merchant Banks, National Provident Fund, their Operations and their Contributions Towards Growth of the National Economy
  • Sources of Funds and Investments for Commercial Banks; Loan Pricing
  • Non-bank Financial Institutions, Hire Purchase Houses, Insurance Companies, Finance Companies, Finance Management of Decision Making in Insurance Industry, Port-folio Analysis and Management
  • Insurance Profitability, Analysis, Interpretation of Insurance Company Accounts, Measurement of Liquidity and Profitability, Capital Structure Analysis of Insurance Companies
  • Effect of Inflation on Premiums and Profits; Credit Bureau
  • Theory of Money; Classical and Neo-classical Models of Money Supply and Demand
  • The Quantity Theory of Money; Old and Freeman’s Reformation; Tobin Baymol
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