Intermediate Macro-Economics

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In this Economics Course; Intermediate Macroeconomics, you will learn;

  • Methodology of Macroeconomics; Basic Concepts; National Income and Output Estimates (GDP and Related Income Concepts; Important Income Accounting Identities); Conceptual Problems of Estimation
  • The Macro-Markets (The Transactors and the Concept; components of Aggregate Expenditure in the Commodity/Goods Market)
  • The Simple Income Expenditure (Multiplier) Model (Comparative Statics of the Model)
  • Fiscal Policy in the Simple Model (Fiscal Stabilizers and the full Employment Budget Concept)p Commodity Market Equilibrium (The IS Curve);The Demand for Money (Liquidity Preference and Alternative Hypotheses)
  • The Supply of Money (Composition and Determination of the Money Stock and the Money Multiplier; Money Market Equilibrium (The LM Curve), Simultaneous Equilibrium in the Commodity and Money Markets (Comparative Statics with IS-LM model; Monetary and Fiscal Policies under Alternative Monetary Assumptions); Derivation of Economy Wide Aggregate Demand (AD) Curve
  • The Consumption Function (Alternative Theories of Consumption Behaviour)
  • The Investment Function (Investment and the rate of Interest); The Acceleration Principle
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