International Economics

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In this Economics Course; International Economics, you will learn;

  •  International Economics and Economic Theory
  • Static and Dynamic Gains from International Trade
  • Effects of Trade Commodity Composition of Trade
  • Classical Comparative Cost Doctrine
  • Absolute versus Comparative Advantage
  • Complete versus Incomplete Specialization
  • Terms of Trade; Dynamic Gains
  • Factor Proportions Theorem
  • Factor Intensity; Factor Price Equalization
  • Factor Reversal; Alternative Theories (Specific Factor Models)
  • Human Skills and Technology Difference Models
  • Product Cycle
  • Monopolistic Competition and Intra-Industry Trade, etc
  • Hecksher-Ohlin Model; Gravity Model; Free Trade, Restricted Trade, Economic Integration, Trade and Development, Tariffs; Effects of Tariffs
  • Effective Tariff Rate, Optimal Tariffs, Customs Union Theory
  • Trade Creation, Trade Diversion, Dynamic Effects, Price Discrimination, Cartels, Other Non-Tariff Income
  • Output, Employment and Prices if Barriers to Trade
  • Competition Policy; International and Regional Trade Organizations
  • Nigerias Trade Circumstances
  • Trade Problems of Developing Countries; Devaluation and Adjustment Measures in Fixed and Flexible Exchange Rates
  • Trade Dependence and Trade Policies
  • Balance of Trade and Balance of Payments
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