Public Policy II

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In this Economics Course, Public Policy II, you will learn;

  • The Concept of Policy Science; Approaches to Policy Studies
  • Budget and Budgeting as Public Policy Tools (Nigerian Case); The Concepts of Budget and Budgeting; Open Budget and Budgeting Process in Nigeria
  • Mainstreaming Equity, Inclusion and Gender in the Budget and the Budgeting Process in Nigeria
  • Analytical tools in Policy Analysis; Alternative Budgeting and System Analysis
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis; Panning, Programming, Budgeting System (PPBS)
  • Game Theory; Six (6) Theories about How Policy Change Happens
  • Metapolicy and Zero-Based Budgeting
  • Planning and Public Policy Analysis; Problems of Planning in Relation to Public Policy
  • Government Intervention and Market Distortion; The National Planning Commission (NPC) in Nigeria; Some Major Government Policies in Nigeria
  • Performance of Public Sector, Privatization and Commercialization of Government Enterprises
  • Agricultural-Industrial Policies and National Development, Social Goods and Private Sector Participation.
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