Court Summons Rarara For ‘Camping Married’ Woman

The Upper Shariah Court at Kofar Kudu in Kano has summoned President Muhammadu Buhari’s praise singer, Dauda Kahutu Rarara, to appear before it on December 22, 2020, for allegedly camping a married woman, Maryam Muhammad.

In a written complaint filed before the court by her husband, Abdulkadir Inuwa, he alleged that the singer used his wife in a recent music video “Jihata, Jihata ce”.

Inuwa also alleged that for three months the whereabouts of his wife was unknown and prayed the court to intervene and do justice to the issue.

The judge, Ustaz Ibrahim Sarki Yola, fixed December 22, 2020, for continuation of the case and a summon be issued to Rarara to appear on the said date for the case.

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