D-Black ‘begs’ Shatta Wale to loan him $1.5 million after his net worth was ‘revealed’

Ghanaian hip-hop/hiplife musician and music executive D-Black has jokingly asked Shatta Wale for a loan after a Twitter user named him among the top five most-awarded and wealthiest musicians in Ghana.

D-Black  and Shatta Wale

According to Twitter user ‘Karllywiz’, Sarkodie, Shatta Wale, Samini, D-Black and Stonebwoy are the richest musicians in Ghana.RECOMMENDED ARTICLES

In the list, he claims Sarkodie has a net worth of $15 million, Shatta Wale has $11 million Samini has $4 million, D-Black has $4.5 million and Stonebwoy has $8 million.

Reacting to the post, the Black Avenue Muzik label owner hilariously denied his net worth by asking Shatta Wale to loan him $1.5 million.

“I beg @shattawalegh loan me 1.5 eh,” he quoted the tweet.twitter.com

Some fans attempted to drag Sarkodie into it, questioning why D-Black skipped the two-time BET Award winner to ask the dancehall star for a loan.

“Why don’t you ask the first person rather,” a tweep asked, another replied, “He knows it’s not true that bi why he dey take Shatta ein own joke.”

Meanwhile, the “Vera” hitmaker has said the current crop of new artistes from Kumasi are doing great musically, but there is no unity among them and that is alarming.

“The Kumerican guys are doing great,” he observed during an interview with Tony Best on Akoma FM’s Entertainment360 on Saturday, July 17, “but I think they are a little bit divided.”

He explained that for acts to survive in any creative industry, they need support from their colleagues as well.

Identifying the disunity among the Kumerican acts, he said “I see Yaw Tog somewhere, Kofi Jamar on the other side, Asakaa boys doing their own thing”.

D-Black who is currently promoting his ‘Loyalty’ album, emphasized that they need to unite.

“I feel they need to come together and pursue a common agenda. Music is such that, you will not be on top forever. So, as a brother’s shine goes down, he gets featured on a big song on a particular moment to lift him,” he said.

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