I am 13years old, should I go into a relationship with my classmate?



Good morning Somtochukwu. Thank you for giving young people this opportunity to share how they feel with you and to seek your advice. The question I want to ask is that “I am 13 years old and I am in secondary school, would it be right if I go into a relationship with my classmate now”. 

Okay. Going into a relationship isn’t something that someone wakes up and decides to involve him/herself in. Infact, most times dating comes involuntarily – you don’t even prepare for it. And for the fact that you are still in secondary school, I understand that you may have feelings for one of your classmates. It is normal because you guys spend a whole lot of time together in school. I will advice that you hold on a little, and when the right time comes, the time you wouldn’t even prepare your mind comes, you will definitely be in a perfect relationship. Either with your classmate or someone entirely different.

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