Ice-cream vending – another occupation in Nigeria


It was on my way back from the office of a lecturer with a good job attitude I wanted to interview (read about him here) , that I walked pass this ice-cream vendor. These type of Ice -cream is sold for 10, 20, 50, 100 & 150 in Nigeria.  This is his business story;

The ice- cream vendor is a Christian from Ebonyi state, but he has been at Anambra State for about 10 years now. He was previously involved in sewing motor chairs for NISSAN vehicles. The business didn’t go well for him, so he dropped it and began to sell ice-cream with his bicycle on the street.

He didn’t learn this occupation from anyone; Steven said it is just something someone will know and do. Once you know how to ride a bicycle, and you know the prices of the various ice-creams you are selling -that is all.

When I inquired about how lucrative the business is, this was his response;

The business is good because it was while I was doing this business, that I got married, did my traditional and white wedding and was also able to build a four bedroom flat in my village at Ebonyi state – isn’t this impressive.

It is even through the income of this ice-cream business that I using to train my six children (two of which are in secondary school, while four are still in the primary).

This is Mr. Steven’s advice to other Nigerians;

Ihe nga a gwa ha bu na, ihe obula mmadu cho ime, ya me ya ofuma, nwe ndidi , ozo bu na mmadu etinye kwana aka ya n’ihe ojoo.

This translates to English as;

My advice to them is this; whatever someone wants to do, let him/her do it well. Have patience and another one is that you should never put your hands in any bad thing.

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