Jesus concealed in creation part 2



2. The Shark and the Remora : how many of us did biology in sec school?… This goes way back.
Remember when we where taught various relationships…. We have Parasitic( one is gaining but the other is harmed), we have mutualism(both give and take)… There is one peculiar relationship typified by the Shark and the Remora, its called commensalism,( one benefits but the other is unaffected)… The Shark is a big sea animal, very dreaded indeed, it is usually followed around by a small fish which feeds on its excreta… You see the remora is nourished but can’t give anything reasonable to the shark…
Also, guess what other potential remora predators stay clear of the remora because of the Shark… Is Christ not so… Are we not protected by His banner of love( Jehovah nissi)… What can we give Christ fall all He has done… He said he is the beginning and the end which means He is infinitely large (shark), what can we give to add to him or how much can we take to reduce him… Math Scholars know that infinity plus or minus a finite number =infinity… We can’t remove from Christ enough that He is depleted or give enough that He is Enriched…. Wow, yet the shark won’t turn back to eat the remora….
Is that not like Christ… He never condemns us but keeps protecting us from the predator(the devil)… Wow.
The shark and the remora shouts!, Christ made us

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