Lyta’s Babymama, Kemi Reveals Lyta Has Another Child & She Might Be Dying Soon In New Post

Lyta’s baby mama, Kemi has finally shared the reason behind her episodic rants.

Kemi hopped on her IG stories to call out her baby daddy. This time, she revealed that Lyta is trying to claim her son, Aari after refusing to cater for his needs since birth.

Kemi disclosed that Lyta has another baby mama and apparently he’s treating his new baby mama the same way he treated her .

She confessed that she’s always dragging Lyta online because of Aari. According to her, she wants Aari to read about Lyta’s stupidity when he grows up. She added that she is battling a terminal ailment and might not live long to see Aari grow, but she is happy he will get to know the kind of Father Lyta is.

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