3 reasons why I think you shouldn’t use Matches in your home.


Kedu kwanu?  Here, I will be giving a short summary about the 3 reasons why I think you shouldn’t use matches in your home.

  • It is costly; imagine buying a packet of matches for ₦100 and using it up under two weeks. To me, I see it as really costly and I have been looking for cheaper alternatives.


  • It litters the house; most of us that use matches actually know how littering it can be. You get to see the match stick here and there. But, you can totally avoid this litter by simply revolutionizing into the alternative I will recommend below.


  • It is a waste; severally, when I try to lit fire to my cooker, stove, or firewood, I find out that I end up using about 4 -7 pieces of match stick due to the endless process of trying. I finally get to perfectly put on the light at the 6th -8th trial.

One would say, “If I don’t use matches to light my fire, what then will I use?” Okay, I recommend you use LIGHTER because it is less costly when compared to that of matches, and it last longer.

Those are my three reasons. If you have your personal reason why you should/shouldn’t use matches, kindly share your ideas in the comment box below.Thanks.

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