Media Personality, Shade Ladipo Reveals Why People Are Not Watching Gulder Ultimate Search, Defends Toke

Amidst the criticism of popular media personality Toke Makinwa, the host of the Gulder Ultimate Search 2021, her colleague Shade Ladipo has revealed why it no longer interest viewers.

In a post shared on her Instagram story, Shade Ladipo opined that people are not watching the show because there’s no sex, drama and love.

Also reacting to those criticising Toke Makinwa’s level of performance, Shade Ladipo urged critics to her be and stop rubbishing her work.

She wrote:

People are not watching GUS because there’s no sex, love, drama (that involves sex/love) and Awwww, people should let baby girl for life drink water and drop cup na.

Reacting to this, some netizens pointed some irregularities in the show and lacked content. See the reactions below:

i_am_jennyslimm wrote: Defend Toke but don’t say people are not watching GUS coz of the absence of romance and blah…GUS organizers need to realize that this is 2021 not 2010, there’s a lot of distraction in Nigeria right now both online and offline, come up with something relatable, captivating and suspense filled, then you’ll get people’s attention.

obis4u wrote: We use to watch GUS before now, the show lacks popularity it was not well promoted and it lacks content etc.

simplyrolly_b wrote: The truth is the show has started losing its content from the last season

iamflorenceifeoma wrote: They’re supposed to ve their own tv station like bbnaija, so we can tune in and watch anytime. But they decided to air it on Africa magic family at odd hours, what do they expect

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