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Other names
Saviour Aniefiok

Email Address
[email protected]

Telephone Number

State of Origin
Akwa Ibom

24 years old

Highest Level of Education
University Undergraduate

Web Development, Graphics Design and Digital Marketing Skills.

Category in which Creative operates

Brief description of Creative
I am an Entrepreneur and a Full Stack software developer with efficiency in HTML, PHP and JavaScript. I am the co-founder and manager of Afrique Innovation Hub, Yenagoa. I enjoy working with my laptop which i call my girlfriend, i love working late at night too.
Giving back to the society is one of my major concern as i believe other young persons are looking for opportunities to become world class developer but can find one. This is want i do for most part of my day, trying to teach and reach out to young people and provide them with the necessary skills which they can use to become someone of importance the future.

Who/what inspired you into your young career?
I fell in love with the computer and the internet when i was 9 years old. I always wonder if the people who made this stuffs are from the sky. Seeing the way a website works encouraged me to get to know how a website is being made and how i could make my own. My parent also has been very supportive and inspiring.
I am 70% self taught of what i know today.

Picture/ Video of Creatives’ work

In the next 10 years, what do you aim to achieve with what you do?

The next 10 years i aim to achieve getting Bayelsa State Tech ecosystem to become number one in Africa. Also i aim at empowering up to 10,000 youths in the Tech industry and facilitating fund for over 500 startups through my initiative Startup Bayelsa.

What makes you unique from others in your field?

What makes me unique in my field is the fact that i try as much as i can to empower youths with ICT knowledge that will help them to become independent and useful to themselves, their families and society as a whole.

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