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Other names
Chioma Joy

Email Address
[email protected]

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State of Origin

24 years old

Highest Level of Education
University Undergraduate

Makeup artistry, cosmetics formulation, writing and teaching.

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Brief description of Creative
I am Chioma Joy Ezechukwu, the girl of so many shades. I am geared towards providing solutions to the beauty related problems of black women. Since I had a horrible experience while trying to be beautiful, I have been doing so many things to help women solve their beauty problems. I just launched a cosmetics brand "FAVENT BEAUTY COSMETICS " and also wrote a book on how to grow a healthy hair naturally " HEALTHY HAIR SECRETS". I have not stopped. I also have plans of holding healthy beauty lifestyle conferences in the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria in 2018. The conferences will be used as a platform to start my SAY NO TO BLEACHING CAMPAIGN in Africa. I have so many creative plans to help black women get their beauty problems solved. I'm so dogged when it comes to solving problems. All that I need to be in the Beauty Industry of Nigeria is to keep solving the problems of the black women. My creativity is result oriented. If I'm not affecting lives positively, I'm not doing it. That's how dedicated I can be. I'm so passionate about this. And I will keep creating platforms for myself and my goals.

Who/what inspired you into your young career?
My ugly experience inspired me into this career of mine.
Sometime 2014-2015, I had a horrible experience that was as a result of me being so desperate to look good. I spent all the money that I was paid as a sales girl then on cosmetics products. So far it will bleach my skin and relax my hair, I'm buying it. I just wanted to belong to the trending babes in the town. Yes, I was that gullible.
I was so ignorant of the cancerous chemicals used in the production of these beauty products. I kept using them till I started experiencing exceeding skin and hair reactions such as eczema, dark eye circles , rashes, ringworm, dandruff and hair loss. I lost my self confidence and self esteem as a young girl. I no longer leave the house without covering my body. I became so ashamed of myself that I was forced to look for solutions to my problems. All my effort to treat my mess was to no avail. So I started researching and gathering information about skincare and hair care. It dawned on me that the best way to go is organic and natural. I registered for online and offline trainings on cosmetics formulation. With the knowledge I got from the trainings, I started creating my own products. Within a very short space of time, there was a drastic change. My skin and hair experienced a drastic change. There was improvements on both sides. People started coming to me for help. I never knew that I wasn't alone in that mess. All my advice and help to them was very helpful. So I thought it wise that I have to start producing these products in large quantities since everyone is in need of them. That was how my entrepreneurial journey started.

I registered for more organic cosmetics trainings on advanced cosmetics formulation. I got my business name registered. So far I have been able to create ten (10) different products that is geared towards providing solutions to the beauty related problems of black women. Last Friday 8th of December, I officially launched my brand FAVENT BEAUTY COSMETICS and my new book HEALTHY HAIR SECRETS. And I have plans to do more in 2018.

Picture/ Video of Creatives’ work

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In the next 10 years, what do you aim to achieve with what you do?

I aim to achieve a lot. My goal in the next ten (10) years is to end the importation and production of chemical based cosmetics products in Africa. I will work in synergy with the government and other stakeholders in the Beauty Industry to achieve this. My goal in the next ten (10) years is to have a branch office of my company in each six (6) geopolitical zones of Nigeria. And also to have a branch office in three (3) different African countries. I also aim at building beauty spa in the major cities in Nigeria. In the next ten (10) years, even the unborn child will be talking bout my brand. That's how far I aim to grow in the next ten (10) years.

What makes you unique from others in your field?

What makes me unique from others in my field is my hunger for creating solutions. I am result oriented. If it is not going to solve problems, I'm not creating it or selling it. And also I produce safe and healthy beauty products that is bespoke. Effective and yet affordable.

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