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Having successfully applied for theCreativesPrize and added to theCreatives directory, this amazing genius has something to show to the world. For other creatives, who would love to participate in theCreativesPrize by getting listed and earning a certifcate, kindly visit to apply.

Below are the details and plan of this Creative;


Other names
Abass Olawale

Email Address
[email protected]

Telephone Number

State of Origin

24 years old

Highest Level of Education
University Undergraduate

Creative as a visual artist

Category in which Creative operates

Brief description of Creative
A visual artist , always hoping to go far in art

Who/what inspired you into your young career?
He was inspired by the works he saw by his colleagues at school

Picture/ Video of Creatives’ work


In the next 10 years, what do you aim to achieve with what you do?

He wanted to be a visual artist celebrity and hoping to help the upcoming artists

What makes you unique from others in your field?

The time taken and the materials in use

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