Morality or Spirituality


Every little thing we do can be a form of worship… All we need do is do it because of His name.
There is a big difference between morality and spirituality… The Pharisees were very moral but they didn’t please God at all… Why?…
They did what they did so that men would approve of them, they did it to prove that they were holy.
Its funny how this very attitude sneaked into their prayer life. They just had to be in a position where people could see they were praying… Remember what Jesus said about one of them in His parable?. how he was telling God how good he was? And how he was better than a publican that came to the temple to pray as well?… My take?, I think that particular prayer happened and is still happening in heaven today. How?, well, I believe God listens beyond our words to our hearts. No wonder He says about the stiff necked Israelites, ‘you praise me with your lips but your hearts are far from me’… Yes, that pharisee could actually think that in his heart, just like many today!… ‘God you have to bless me, I’m better than that guy you gave that admission, I’m better than that girl you blessed with a Job, Im an usher!, I’m a singer, I’m not promiscuous, I pay tithe, look at me God, you have to bless me!.
You know?, a man who does all these things may even be tagged as spiritual?…
But doing all those things doesn’t make you one bit spiritual except it was done out of faith… Not to appear better than others, but for His name.
When everyone is bowing down to the image of Nebuchadnezzar, Daniel’s three friends didn’t bow, not to show themselves as something but because of the God they serve….
When no invigilator is in the hall but you won’t cheat even though you don’t know all the answers… That’s high moral standard, but why did you do it?…To appear good?, protect your ‘church’ reputation, or because of His name .. So that men will not speak Ill of Him because of what you did. A lot of examples and scenarios are coming to your minds as well right? .. Yeah, but in all, this is the rhetorical question….Are you Moral or spiritual?
Stay blessed.

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