‘My daughter’s $1M wedding gift was ‘faith cheque’ not real cash’ – Korankye Ankrah

Rev Korankye Ankrah has denied reports that his daughter received a $1M gift at her wedding.

Rev Sam Korankye Ankrah's daughter ties the knot in traditional ceremony

Naa Dromo Korankye-Ankrah tied the knot on July 10, 2021, and during the ceremony, her friends announced that they are gifting her the cash instead of the usual wedding gifts like cooking utensils among others. But now, her dad says it was a ‘faith cheque’.RECOMMENDED ARTICLES

This comes after the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA)wrote an official letter to Naa Dromo, inviting her to its office to answer questions on her tax returns.

This is to notify you that you have been selected to benefit from the special compliance assistance program of the Ghana Revenue Authority to help you make accurate disclosures of your income to the Commissioner-General of GRA and avoid the imposition penalties, interest and other sanctions. Information available to the GRA indicates you have received an amount of one million dollars (US$1 million) as gift from friends,” the letter read.

Naa Dromo Korankye-Ankrah and Charles Nimo's traditional wedding in photos

Naa Dromo Korankye-Ankrah and Charles Nimo’s traditional wedding in photos

Further checks have established that you own a business registered as an enterprise under the name NDKA star. Our records also show that you have never filed personal income tax returns to the GRA and that you have two taxpayer-identification numbers (TIN) as follows P0010667288 and P0022407596,” the GRA stated while notifying Naa Dromo to make herself available at its office on July 23, 2021, at 10 am.

GRA chases Korankye Ankrah's daughter to pay tax on '$1M wedding gift

GRA chases Korankye Ankrah’s daughter to pay tax on ‘$1M wedding gift

However, Sam Korankye-Ankrah is saying that “Unfortunately, some people did not catch the idea of the presentation. They thought it was real money that was presented… The cheque was a faith cheque, not a real cheque,” he said.

The General overseer of the Royal House Chapel International explained to his congregation that “what these young people are saying is that they believe God, that one day during occasions like these, they will be able to present a cheque of $1 million. That is the statement they are making.

According to Rev. Ankrah, although it is a private matter, his church found it necessary to clarify matters. “There is transparency and there is nothing we hide,” he stressed.

Apostle General Sam Korankye Ankrah

Apostle General Sam Korankye Ankrah

He emphasized that he doesn’t find anything about the presentation to be fake because it was an act of faith. “I am being very careful at the moment how to choose my words because I do not want to present them in a manner that looks like they are joking.”

Responding to rumours that the $1m gift was from the Rev. Minister himself to his daughter, he said: “I thank God that they are prophesying that one day, I’ll be able to gift my daughter millions of dollars.

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