“Never Let Anyone Know Your Net Worth” – Rapper Speed Darlington

Controversial Nigerian rapper, Darlington Okoye, alias Speed Darlington, has shared a piece of advice to his fans and followers.

The popular rapper said in a video posted on social media that it’s important to avoid being devalued by others.

According to the rapper, the only way to avoid being devalued is to hide one’s net worth.

Speed Darlington further slammed a delivery person who came to his house and was trying to see his account balance from his bank app.

In his words:

“Never let anyone size you up. Never let anyone know your net worth. Na see finish o; the beginning of see finish. Never let anyone size you up. The moment they know what you are worth, value drops. Why are you looking into my bank app? Do you want to steal my password? Give me some privacy.”

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