Is it okay for me to spend my money on my boyfriend?



Before I start, let me say thank you Somtochukwu. My question is that I want to know if it is okay for me to spend money on a guy. An example is that, if I go out and I see something nice that I think he might like, is it okay for me to buy it or at times just buy something from the market and give to him?

Okay, what kind of expenses if I may ask? Is it petty or huge expenses? What I have to say is that, if you truly love your boyfriend and you go to the market and see something nice for him which you think you can afford, I see no problem in you purchasing it. Loving is caring and I don’t think anybody is being taught how to care for people, it is a natural asset we all possess.

Also note that, some expenses may not be relevant. If you have a nice boyfriend, he might even be the person encouraging you to take it easy with some unnecessary expenditures even if it is in his favour.

I always like to draw young people’s attention to looking at a situation from another scenario. What about you, do you appreciate it when your boyfriend buys something nice for you? Definitely, your answer would be a YES! Since love is all about care, you obligated to reciprocate.

Do this without being hypocritical or expecting something in return (marriage). I sure bet that your boyfriend will appreciate having you.

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