Oko Iyabo: ‘I Was Utterly Disgusted When I Saw The Movie’ – Actor Femi Branch

Popular Nollywood actor, Femi Branch has reacted to Yomi Fabiyi’s new controversial movie, ‘Oko Iyabo’.

The prolific actor addressed Fabiyi in a video via his Instagram page.

In his words:

“Yomi Fabiyi is one of those people who take advantage of other people’s agony to thrive. It is very unfortunate, Yomi, that you can descend this low.

The whole thing about the ‘Oko Iyabo’ movie, I was utterly disgusted. I knew you were attacking Iyabo Ojo through the movie but I thought that you would be sensitive and creative about it and not make it direct. From what I saw, it was the work of an inane, senseless person that claims to be a creative. You are a disgrace to filmmakers.”

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