Policemen Shoot At EndSARS Protesters In Umuahia, Abia

#EndSARS protesters in Umuahia on Tuesday clashed with armed policemen along Bende road in the capital city of Abia state.

As at the moment of this report, the actual casualty figure was not known, however, ABN TV gathered that many protesters were injured at the incident.

Recall that earlier on Tuesday, Zone 6 police station in Aba the commercial centre of the state was torched by suspected thugs, making it the third police station to be burnt down in the last 24 hours after Edo and Lagos recorded similar incident.

When ABN TV contacted him, the Spokesperson Abia State Police Command, Ogbonna Geoffrey said he would make official response after confirming from the DPO of Central Police Station (CPS) DPO Bende road Umuahia.

Source: https://abntv.com.ng/2020/10/breaking-endsars-protesters-clash-with-armed-policemen-in-umuahia-video/

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