2 reasons for knowing/choosing the right shoes.


It is really bad seeing girls who put on shoes that makes them very uncomfortable, then I begin to wonder why they decided to stress themselves.

Personally, I feel good and comfortable when I put on smart footwears like the one in the picture. Most of the time, I wear really simple sandals because of these reasons;

Purpose; the main purpose we put on shoes is simply because we want to protect our foots from injuries which may be sustained by sharp objects on the ground, avoiding to use your foot to step on messy areas in the environment, etc. So, once the shoe I put on satisfies that need, I AM GOOD TO GO.

Comfort; I talk so much about β€œComfort” because I feel bad when I see people put on cloths or shoes that makes them really uncomfortable; they keep trying to check if this is okay or that is okay. So, very simple/flat/smart shoes would make you feel good about yourself in all situation.

I would advice that whenever you want to get shoes, ensure it satisfies those two reasons.

What do you think about the kind of shoes to wear? Put your ideas in the comments below.

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