Teach young girls how to become “Good mothers” rather than feminists


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In my view, families are failing and children are being brought up with a negative mindset simply because their “Mothers” lack the basic knowledge of what parenting is all about.

Women are running away from their primary responsibilities of taking care of their husband and Children, Cooking, engaging in housechores, teaching their children manners and encouraging them positively. But, rather they are seeking to be equal with their husband. Your husband already has his role and you have yours, so why do you want to take up his duty and forget yours.

There are many privileges women have in the society but they fail to acknowledge. While walking on the street, I see how men interact with their fellow men, and how men interact with women. Let me share two real experiences;

First – in my area, there is something like a wide gutter where lots of people have to cross through rather than walking about 1km in order to make use of the Pedestrian bridge so as to get to the other side of the express and board a bus. I noticed that if a man tries to cross, nobody even lends a hand to assist him with his bags or whatever. But, once a woman tries to cross, a whole lot of men (including women) volunteer to assist in dragging her up from the other end.

Secondly, I was on my way back from school one of those days when I noticed an Okada driver having a little quarrel with a female passenger that recently highlighted from his bike. The quarrel was concerning the amount of money she was intended to pay him. The bike man said they both bargained for ₦300 and now she is offering him ₦150. After raising his voice on the lady and the lady raising hers back at him, they created a scene and every passer-by began to watch. Immediately, men from the mob began to tell the okada man things like “Leave her alone na, don’t you know that she is a woman”, “Why you go dey quarrel with woman”, some others were saying “Oga forget the money dey go your way if you no want problem for here now” and later a man from the crowd volunteered the entire ₦300 and paid the bike man off.

Come to think of it, if this lady was a man, it would have been an entirely different scenario. At first, nobody will volunteer to pay the remaining money for him. Secondly, without a lot of argument, the Okada man may immediately begin to fight him. More so, his fellow male passer-by may even take up the argument and start slapping him from behind.

Becoming equal to a man simply means passing through all the things that men pass through. Both the man and the woman are disparate and have been assigned different responsibilities in order to work together and become the best. Every girl should submit to her husband, when I mean submit, I sincerely say you should submit everything you have to your husband and rather than attending some of these campaigns about feminism, I urge you to invest your time in learning parenting tips and how to raise positive children – that’s your duty. If you are a good mother you will raise children that will become assets to you, but if you fail in your role, your children becomes liabilities and you are to take the blame for that.

Can you gently sit down and have a rethink?  Feminism – the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men. The other day, I heard a girl complaining about the fact that her husband always wants her to follow him almost everywhere he goes. Is that one also a problem? Your husband wants you to follow him because he needs your company and that’s all.

In terms of social equality, do you know that females have higher chances of getting a job than males? Aside getting a paid job, females have higher chances of becoming “Famous and Liked” than their male counterparts. So, why the disturbances here and there about feminism?

Coming from the area of political equality, at first you have to know that raising up the children is your primary responsibility and if you fail in achieving that effectively,  there is nothing else that you achieve that truly matters. The reason you do not see a lot of women becoming political leaders is because they are busy in the house with their children. Yet, women who engage themselves in political activities succeed very well at it.

Talking about Economic equality, are you the person providing for the family. NO! You are just there to support your husband. But, if peradventure, situation puts you in the position to provide for the family, then that is fine. There are even some cases that when a woman begins to have the money and feeds the family, problem arises because she becomes stingy with her money.

I want to send a message to young girls out there, no one is holding you down and you can achieve anything you want with the assistance of your husband, so, free yourself of that mentality.

Don’t be swayed away by some of these activities. Stay positive.

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