The Government of Nigeria should share cooked food to its citizens during the lockdown period.


The Government serves as a mother, a shield and a protector to its people.

The people of Nigeria are hungry; they are finding it hard to feed during this period. The Government needs to act. Private Individuals are acting already, the government needs to show them a greater measure of action and why they are called the government. We demand for cooked food to shared to people on the streets. It should be shared as probably breakfast and launch. Feeding is a necessity in this trying times and the poor that I speak for are crying and whaling in anguish.

Apart from giving them foodstuffs, the people may not have the resources to buy kerosene or gas and other ingredients to prepare this food to taste. That’s why I suggest earnestly that the government of Nigeria should share cooked food and serve its citizens. The role of the government as an organized body is needed at this trying time.

This should be replicated in both Local, State and Federal Government using a method that they deem best appropriate.

Yours for the development of the Fatherland,

Somtochukwu Lady-Diana Okoye

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