Disciplined Nigerians : Meet Rev. Sister Chinecherem Uzonwanne – a lecturer of Economics at Nnamdi Azikiwe University (UNIZIK)


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When I resumed for my 200 level first semester, in the usual manner – we get to have new courses and new lecturers to take us on those. Rev. Sis. Uzonwanne lectured my class on Monetary Economics. With the little period I observed and spent in her class I got to fish out a particular quality in her – Discipline. I appreciate it when people do what’s right because it helps in building a better society.

She always comes to class on time; she answers every students question and endeavors that she covers her scheme. Most importantly, I noticed that just one day she missed her lecture – she told the course reps in advance that she wouldn’t be in class due to a very important meeting (this is a very distinguished attitude). She took an excuse because she knows how bad a student may feel when he/she comes and the lecturer is absent.

I must really say that she should keep up with the good work because people out here appreciate it (I personally appreciate it) a lot. Sister Uzonwanne always tries as much as possible to teach students morals. She believes that no one is more intelligent that she is, she said that if someone is better than her in a particular aspect, she is obviously going to better than the person in another way, this led to her telling us a motivational story about how she passed a guy who always comes ahead of the entire class. This is the story below;

I had a friend back then in school that was really good at written examinations, whenever it was time for exams, this particular gentleman get straight A’s in the courses. On one fateful examination, we had all prepared, and to our greatest surprise the examination was an oral based exam and not paper based. But, this gentleman had stage freight, immediately he began to sweat and fidget all over while doing his presentation, this made him unable to pass the course. As for me, I was really good at talking on stage and to a large group of people. I did my presentation absolutely well and that led me to being ahead of him in that examination. (So you see, you are better than someone in a particular aspect).

Meet Reverend Sister Uzonwanne; a Lecturer at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University. She hails from Imo state and it very obvious that she is Christian (because she is a nun). Read up what she said in this little interview;

Who influenced you in having a positive attitude towards your job?

Firstly, I have someone I look up to (at this point, she asked me to guess the person she looks up to, I quickly said “Hope it is not Jesus Christ? What will you have expected that I said, she is a NUN and with a lay-mans guess, one would quickly say that the only person she would look up to is JESUS CHRIST or MARY, the mother of Jesus).

She said, well yes! I look up to Jesus Christ – he is the overall. But, the person I really look up to in terms to character and influence is Hilary Clinton; she is a woman of integrity, and she works hard in order to achieve her aim; she takes whatever she does seriously and at will, Hilary Clinton is always determined in whatever she lays her hand to do and she does it perfectly well.

Secondly, I am always grateful to my lecturers back then in Italy; they were Jesuit priests and they thought me from my B.sc until I graduated. They always gave me the instrument and asked me to go the field. I was thought oral presentation.

I wouldn’t forget my religious congregation because they were part of those that motivated me in having a positive attitude towards my job.

Reason you have a disciplined character while doing your job

I believe in teaching students and not just lecturing them; I teach because there is a passion in me to groom the leaders of tomorrow. When I see my students do well, it gives me internal joy.

I believe it is not all about knowing the books -the moral impact matters. As a Nun, I have to impact in my environment and train the children to good moral standards.  Another reason I carry out my job well is because, I believe that when a person is academically and morally balanced, they get to attain a higher level in the society.

What is your advice to other lecturers?

My advice to other lecturers is to have a passion in their work. Because once someone has passion for his/her work, nobody reminds the person on what to do; the enthusiasm is the key drive. I have always told lecturers that it isn’t about the money or salary. It is our duty to look at the academic as well as the moral aspects of the life of students.

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