5 tips to help you become a better debater



Hello Creatives, I just shared some tips on how to become a better debater. Read and pass the knowledge to other young people. Here are the 5 tips;

1) Choose to speak about a topic that you have personal belief in. When I was about to do my debate, they randomly gave me to support “Borrowing” but, I went ahead and told them that I can’t speak on that because it is contrary to my personal belief.

I believe that people should at first try to access what they have within them before resorting to borrowing.

2) Speak fluently boldly & be conscious of your time. Nobody is going to eat you up while on the stage. People are more willing to listen to you if they see your boldness. Secondly, be very conscious of your time as your points will be reduced if you exceed your given time with about 2 minutes or there about.

3) Have a great level of self-esteem and fight your fears. Don’t be afraid of your opponent – they are also afraid of you.

4) Try as much as possible to control the auditorium. For instance, if you are about to begin your debate and people in the hall are making noise, you have to at first control the crowd and ensure that all their attention is concentrated at you. If you fail to control the audience, you have lost the entire point of the debate.

5) Have a bold voice. I don’t mean you should begin to form a new voice rather you should try as much as possible to be audible by intensifying your pitch so that everyone in the hall can hear you appropriately without having to strain their ears.

If you have some additional tips, leave a comment below. You should also read about my 7 tips to make you become a better person. I will be sharing more articles for your inspiration. Daalu

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