7 tips to help you become a better person



Hello Creatives, I just shared some tips to help you improve on yourself. Read and pass the knowledge to other young people. Here are the 7 tips;

  1. You have to first believe in yourself before any other person will believe in you. If people see that you don’t actually feel confident about the things you do, they feel the same about you.
  2. Be hungry to acquire knowledge. Personally, I am usually very eager to learn something new and improve on myself and I think it has really helped a lot.
  3. Be principled and disciplined. If you have some factors that guide you, you will be conscious and be able to distinguish what you want and that which you do not want.
  4. Manage your time well. Time management is a very crucial factor to becoming a better person. When you understand that any time lost can not be retrieved, you are in a position to make important use of it.
  5. Keep positive and older friends. Truly, the kind of friends you keep determines the kind of person you become.
  6. Learn from your past mistakes and always listen to corrections. I understand that at times, when we are corrected,we may feel a little bit bad. But, you have to listen to corrections because it helps you avert some mistakes.
  7. Always make use of your brains. Engage yourself more in activities that will challenge your level of reasoning.

If you have some additional tips, leave a comment below. You should also read about my 5 tips to help you become a better debater. I will be sharing more articles for your inspiration. Daalu

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2 thoughts on “7 tips to help you become a better person

  1. Have God. If we do everything but we don’t have God by repenting from our sins and embracing Jesus Christ, then, we are not getting it right and it will all hook up somewhere. He will direct us and help us achieve every other things.

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