Pictures of how I celebrated my birthday


Just as normal, few weeks to my birthday, one would begin to hear things like “Sommys’ birthday is on the 15th of this month o”. The 14th day of May passed and I knew the next morning was the D-day. Well, with the normal way I behave, I told myself that nothing is going to be special on that day – it will just come and pass like the other days.

The only thing I planned to do that day was to help out in the running of  the Young African Leaders Initiative(YALI) program that was going on at PASDOS’ office (I am a member of this NGO) . The program is still on and it is meant for young leaders in Africa, you get to learn courses like, entrepreneurship, servant leadership, how to effectively start and run a business, civic leadership, etc. Personally, I urge you all to take this course, because I have done mine and I can attest to the fact that it is beneficial for a person’s self development. You can apply here


I had prepared to bake my cake myself in the house – I didn’t plan on icing it; I just wanted a plain queens cake. Then, while I was busy studying on the dinning, I heard a knock on door. Quickly, I rushed to respond to the knock at the door, then I found out it was my mum.

To my greatest surprise, SHE BOUGHT ME A BIRTHDAY CAKE – WOW! I didn’t expect that.

birthday cake

I was very happy to know that I have added a year to my age – I became much aware that I am growing older. Wait a minute, I remember when I was 13 years old, or even when I was 14 (time actually flies).


Around 6:47 am, I got a call from my mum (she was the first person that called to wish me a happy birthday) and this was what she said on phone:

“Edi ula, ama m n’iman tetego– which means “Sleepy head, I know you wouldn’t have woken up” – My family always say I sleep a lot, hmmm, but I think that was worse while I was still in secondary school but as at now, I have a lot to think about before I get to even dream of going to bed – book, study, work, chores, so many to things to think about. I laughed and said; yes o I haven’t woken up. After then she sai

The second on the list was my very good friend; Atinuke Raheem who called at 6:59am to send her birthday wishes. She just kept on telling me on phone that “It is your day o, enjoy your day o!” Lol, It was very funny – me that hadn’t even planned anything for that day.

Aside the calls, a lot of other friends sent their wishes through my facebook timeline. I got to see things like this:

  • Happy Birthday dear WULLNP,
  • Happy birthday to you swt, May God bless your new age.
  • Happy birthday to you Somto. Best wishes!
  • Happy birthday Sommy!!! I wish you many many more blessed years to come
  • Diana Dear, Happy Birthday, may the God of all grace who brought you this far in Life Perfect, Establish, Strengthen and Settle You in Jesus Name Amen. We are so proud of you. etc


I must say a big THANK YOU to you all,and also to my classmates that sent their wishes through the group chat. I appreciate.


Because of the love I have for Natural, Culture and Nigerian attires, I was just in the bedroom when my mum was selecting some cloths she would give out to people. Then, I quickly grabbed four different pieces of material and decided to use it as my birthday dress.

somto birthday
I am really inspired by culture and traditional attires

It really looked creative and unique and I totally fell in love with the way it seems to be on me.


I am really a miser and I am so not into any kind of waste. Even though I was given quite enough money to buy drinks, I just bought six pieces of Grand malt (this particular malt is very popular in the east). And, I family members to manage what I served.

Alright, that was it for the day and I forgot to say that my very wonderful friend bought me fried chicken and turkey.

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