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Chinecherem is a poet and a 100 level student of Applied Micro-biology (AMB) in my school. She has written a lot of poems but they are yet to be published. As a young girl, she said that she hopes on publishing the poem in a book soon and would be very happy if people support her.

So, because I am very much concerned about encouraging creative Nigerians, I have given her a platform of being able to publish some of her poems on this website.

Yesterday, when I went for the screening exercise for the post of the Vice-president of PAREF (Policy Analysis and Research Forum) – which I later emerged winner, I walked pass this young girl who was reading her books in the school. When I passed her, I looked at her face and found out that she is Natural but I left because I was busy. Few minutes later, when I was a little bit free, I approached her and told her about featuring on NATURAL. She accepted and that was how this post came about.

Read what she said;

Name:  Ogugua Chinecherem Blessing

Religion: Christianity

State of Origin: Anambra State

Likes: Singing, dancing (but I don’t really know how to dance o), I love being friendly, I love writing poems.

When it comes to Character – I like seeing the good in people.

When it comes to Colours – I love colour Purple

When it comes to Movies – I love Horror movies

Dislikes: Red ants – those ants that like sugar a lot (I hate them so much because whenever I see them I get irritated and begin to have gills pimples), I also dislike holding grudges against someone.

When it comes to character – I don’t like pretence.

Who influenced you in being Natural?:  No one influenced me. It has just been the way I have lived. Because, in my secondary school, we do not apply makeup so now that I am in the university, I haven’t seen reasons why I should begin to apply make-up.

Reason you stay Natural: I stay natural because I find it too much of a burden to be carrying all those things. Mascara irritates my eye, if I apply lip-gloss, when I want to drink water I will be too conscious of it – makeup is just a whole lot of stress.

Most importantly, I feel comfortable, beautiful and okay being Natural.

Your advice to other young girls: It is good people know the real you. Not when they see you today, you look different and another day, they wouldn’t believe it is you.

Most people don’t know that make –ups are chemicals, so they need people in Industrial Chemistry to tell them that. When you eat with lip-gloss on your lips, it contaminates your food, mascara irritates the eye, and foundation powders block your sweat pores. So, I advice the young girls out there to stay Natural


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