Goals and Objectives of Anambra Governor


We are a group and online community of visionary young people who are involved in promoting good governance and sustainable development in Anambra State.

Below are our goals and objectives;

1.) To promote good governance and sustainable development in Anambra State.

2.) To share insider information about the happenings in the Government House of Anambra State, as it benefits members of the group and also general information about Anambra State.

3.) To foster democracy and citizens involvement in the leadership of Anambra State.

4.) To stand as a voice of truth and integrity in our actions.

5.) To speak up against ills in the society and make actions that leads to a desired change.

6.) To be a go to place for Ndi Anambra who cannot speak for themselves, but, want collective action for people to help speak for them (the poor, the vulnerable, the old, the less educated).

7.) That we volunteeringly bring in our skills, intellect, competence and whatever resources we have or can gather collectively to help undertake projects in Anambra regardless of how little.

8.) To support one another in our endeavours towards creating a better society.

9.) To network among ourselves in terms of our capabilities, businesses, ideaologies and to meet new people in the state, those who reside outside the state and those in the diaspora.

10.) That the Anambra Governor group leave a Mark that will inspire the younger generation and be an exemplary digital foundation to show what it means to lead and serve.

11.) To advocate for development in the 21 local government areas of the state as it concerns youths, industry and infrastructure.

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