Meet Mrs Onyeyili – a civil servant in Nigeria with the right job attitude


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I have been to the office where this young woman works and I attest to her good character. She is welcoming, homely and attends to everyone that comes into the office with respect. Because, I interview people in Nigeria who has good characters,  I had to go back to the office where I had previously met her so as to know the factors that contributed in sharpening her character into a wonderful one.

Mrs. Onyeyili Nkechi is a Christian from Anambra State. She is a civil servant and the secretary at the Fisheries department of the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Anambra State.

Read up what she said:

Who influenced you in having a positive character? :

My upbringing contributed in my positive attitude, I went to a Christian school in Jos – Calvary Science Primary School. After my primary school, I attended Command Secondary School; their motto was “Discipline” – and I know it helped me a lot in sharpening my attitude – the discipline started from the scratch.

I grew up in the quarters –my mum was a teacher and my dad was a businessman. I had very disciplined teachers – they were Ghanaians. My mum contributed a lot to my character because she is a workaholic and she always tells me that “Hardwork can never kill you”

Someone else who has influenced me in having a positive attitude towards my job is the HOD of this department. She is disciplined, she has a way of getting you to do what she wants done without force, she is a good Christian, she is focused and my HOD always puts her family first in whatever she does.  She will always say that the greatest investment is having time in teaching your children positive things in life.

Also, I am privileged to married into a disciplined family – this has also helped in making me a better person.

Reason you have a positive attitude towards your job

I am a Christian and I have always known that doing things rightly is key. And as a person, I believe in discipline – so that’s enough reason to have a positive attitude.

Before I started working here, I had worked as a banker – and you know how bankers behave. They always have an orientation about their job, which makes them really familiar with the essence of customer service relationship, discipline and how to interact with people – so that’s really another factor.

Your advice to other workers: Firstly, they should be given good orientation in their place of work. Secondly, they should endeavor to develop their personal characters because if you do not have a good attitude, you will end up taking along that bad attitude to your place of work.

More so, some women are not homely and this has affected them in their place of work towards their relationship to people who come into the office on a daily basis – they should try as much as possible to become homely.


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