Recycling : Chimex Recycling Firm, Okpuno Awka, Anambra State.


Company nameChimex Recycling Industry

CEO/Manager: Mr. Chijioke Nnabo from Imo state

Location: Old Inec Road,  Along Y junction,  Okpuno Awka, Anambra State.

Years of Existence: 18 years

Years of Experience: Mr. Chijioke has worked at Jichi Plastic Industry in Benin State, Nigeria where they recycle lumps and plastics – that was where he got the initial idea from. More so, he got additional knowledge by learning from some other people who owned similar enterprises during his stay at Onitsha.

What the company is all about: It is concerned only about grinding the plastics. After it has been grinded, they sell it to companies that manufacture buckets, pipes, gallons If they recycle trash from pipes, the companies that buy them from us must use it make those same kinds of pipes.

recycled plastics ready for sale
recycled plastics ready for sale


These companies use the grinded plastics to supplement the virgin (new) material during the production of a new plastic. They use it to make the cost lower but still at its best quality, because if they use virgin material all through, then the cost of a particular plastic will be very high.

Sources of the materials: They buy these abandoned plastics from either the Rubber trash pickers or from hotels that have broken chairs.

Abandoned plastics about to be recycled
Abandoned plastics about to be recycled

The recycling engine is a Made in Nigeria product and they have used to for over 15 years now.

The recycling machine
The recycling machine
Inside the 15 years old recycling machine
Inside the 15 years old recycling machine

What inspired you into starting up this company?

 It is not a must that everyone will be the Governor of the state or run to Abuja to develop. As a person, you can succeed within your terrain. And I want Nigerians to be informed that if their plastic bucket breaks, it is not a waste because the chemical used to produce it is still active.

How has your company contributed to the growth of the Nigerian Economy?

The company has the capacity to employ additional three workers and pay them, by doing this I know we have created employment. Additionally, we always pay our tax.

What are the challenges so far and how can it be solved?

The major challenge we face here is that of Electricity. A recycling company depends mainly on Electricity, because without it, we can’t recycle.  For instance, last week it costs us extra money to buy an Engine that will be able to power the machine for recycling due to the unavailability of electricity. The Government of Nigeria needs to understand that as Entrepreneurs, we are serious with what we do.

So, we commend the past efforts of the Government but much more work needs to be done to the electricity supply efficiency.

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