The Book of Genesis | Bible Introduction and Summary of Genesis


The name Genesis means ‘origin’. The book tells about the creation of the universe, the origin of mankind, the beginning of sin and suffering in the world, and about God’s way of dealing with mankind. Genesis can be divides into two main parts.

  1. Chapters 1-11 The creation or the world and the early history of the human race. Here are the accounts of Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Noah and the flood, and the Tower of Babylon
  2. Chapters 12-50 The history of the early ancestors of the Isrealites. The first is Abraham, who was notable for his faith and his obedience to God. Then follow the stories of his son Isaac, and grandson Jacob (also called Isreal), and of Jacob’s twelve sons, who were the founders of the twelve trives of Isreal. Special attention is give to one of the sons, Joseph, and the events that brought Jacob and his other sons with their families to live in Egypt.

While this book tells stories about people, it is first and foremost an account ot what God has done. It begins with the affirmation that God created the universe, and it ends with a promise that God will continue to show his concern for his people. Throughout the book, the main character us Gor, who judges and punishes those who fo wrong, leads and helps his people and shapes their history. Their ancient book was written to record the story of a people’s faith and to help keep that faith alive.

Outline of Contents

  • Creation of the universe and of mankind 1.1 – 2.25
  • The beginning of sin and suffering 3.1 – 24
  • From Adam to Noah 4.1 – 5.32
  • Noah and the flood 6.1 – 10.32
  • The tower of Babylon 11.1 – 9
  • From Shem to Abram 11.10 – 32
  • The patriarchs: Abraham. Isaac, Jacob 12.1 – 35.29
  • The descendants of Esau 36.1 – 43
  • Joseph and his brothers 37.1 – 45.28
  • The Israelites in Egypt 46.1 – 50.26
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