Once upon a time, everyone knew God. The first man Adam and the first woman Eve , were created by God and given life. They lived in a garden where God walked and talked with them.
Yet our first parents were give a simple “but not easy” test. would they stay with God or would they want to be like God?. Our parents chose to turn their back on God and fell into a state of sin.(Gen 3:1-24)

But today God wants the breach, and separation man has ignorantly created to be healed. He has promised a revival to bring humanity back to Himself. He wants to bring man back to his original intent.

For this great reason, God has planted Christ as the great “SEED” of salvation. The atonement seed for the harvest of the lost “MAN”. The entire live Jesus lived, his death and resurrection, and his ascension back to his Father proves God’s willingness and resentment to restore and regenerate mankind.

Jesus himself confirmed this when He said “For I have come down from heaven, not to do my own will, but the will of Him who sent me”…..John 6:38. He can to restore life for it is God’s will and intention for the world to be “saved”.

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