Late Mrs. Amaka Izu- Anyalebechi – a civil servant in Nigeria with a good job attitude


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ATTENTION: News reaching us confirms that Mrs Izu-Anyalebechi passed away in 2016 after an illness. The entire team at sympathizes with her family.

Good character sells itself. Personally, I appreciate the way I was treated and attended to when I came into the office she works at. I am not the only person that has commended her on her very nice character and the way she attends so nicely to people that come into the office to inquire about anything. She told me about how she was posted to her new office in September 2014 and the office at which she worked at before, kept on writing letter for her to be brought back to that place; because they said she was the only one that could handle that office and handle it well.

For instance, in her family there was a property that was given to her four brothers by the dad before he died. After the brothers sold the property, a misunderstanding broke out within them about who is expected to hold the money. In order to solve the problem, they gave the money to Amaka because they knew she is the only person that is trustworthy.

Meet Mrs Izu- Anyalebechi Amaka; a civil servant at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University. She is a Christian and she in an indigene of Anambra State.

Who influenced you in having a positive character towards your job?

I learnt it from my dad, we allow nature to take its course and we believe that whatever we can do, we should do it at will. Nobody needs to remind or pressurize me to do what I know is right.

Reason you are disciplined and have a positive character in your place of work?

At first, I am a Christian. Nevertheless, I am paid for this job, so why wouldn’t I do it well – it as my responsibility to attend to people.

I love my job, and that is where I get some income to assist in some things in my family.

As the secretary, sometimes when people send in their letters and they need an urgent call to tell them something, I even go ahead and call those people with my airtime without anybody refunding it to me.

 Your advice to other workers

My advice to them is that, they shouldn’t wait for anyone to tell them the right thing to do. We all know what’s right. I would also tell them that they should avoid telling lies because it is really bad.

For example, I usually tell my house-help that it is not only when she sees me that she would go and start washing plates, I always tell that even if I am not around, she should wash the plates. Today is her birthday, and on my way home, I will stop by in any of this eatery and buy her a birthday cake.

Personally, I don’t tell lies – no matter where I find myself. When I was much younger, in my secondary school, some of my school mats usually call me amebo because they know that if a teacher approaches me and asks for the truth- I wouldn’t tell lies. Even if I know that when I say the truth, people may feel bad, I still try my best to speak the truth always.

I would also advice other civil servant and workers all over Nigeria to be accountable in their place of work. As the secretary of this office, I always give account of whatever money that comes in and goes out of this office, I have never tried to collect any money from here and that is the principle I live with.

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