Tourism : My visit to Ogbononu stream, Umuodu Village, Anambra State


Do you know people still get their source of water from the stream? Apparently, they do not depend on electricity to enable them pump water for use through any borehole, neither do they have to spend a lot of money buying water from some water tankers that are out for real business in order to refill their Geepee’s.

I went for a little walk at a bridge where I had previously seen some young guys catching fish in the water ( I was really amazed because these guys wouldn’t spend money buying fishes in the market –I really admire that kind of  Natural life).  After standing and looking at the water for some time, I and my very good friend decided to stroll further, on passing through a mini-bush, I overheard voices of children in the bush (what are these children doing in the bush, I asked myself).

Because of my curiosity, I decided to go to the bush and what I discovered caught my eyes – I found out that there was a path which led to a stream. YES! The voices I heard from the bush were that of children fetching water in the stream. I was so happy to see this, because for so long I had wanted to visit a stream in my village but all to no avail (maybe because I didn’t press further).

Unfortunately, I wasn’t with my camera to quickly take pictures there and then but I knew I was going to come back to that same place. What I only succeeded in doing was to ask a young girl how long she has been fetching water from the stream. Her response was “This is where I have been fetching water from since I was a kid”- she is about 17 years old now.

Some people complain bitterly about the fact that there’s no light to pump water which may have restricted them from carrying out chores, while some others make their living with this. When I went back the second time, I enquired further about the stream. Here are the details;


The name of the stream is “Ogbononu” , but some people call it “Mkpu”


The stream may not look very big, but it has sufficiently been the source of water to all the villagers for quite a long number of years, and it never dries out.


 It is located at Umuodu village, along Tansi road in Anambra State.


Some people drink the water while some do not. Others use it to cook, do house chores, bath and wash cloths.

Sometimes “ha gi ya agwo oria” – this translates to English as “They use it to cure sickness (healing purposes)”


They do not pour dirty water into the stream


The stream was not there before; it suddenly began to flow through a hill.

One thing I noticed about the water is that it is so clean, when I mean clean and clear; I mean sparkling clear. Secondly, I learnt that if rain falls, the water gets dirty, but after some minutes it settles back and becomes clean again.

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