Cattle rearing – another occupation in Nigeria


Cattle rearing is also an occupation found in Nigeria. The people that are mostly involved in this trade are the Fulani’s (Fulani’s are different from the Hausa’s but they share almost all characteristics). As cattle rearers, they move around with their cows looking for pasture.

On my way at Anambra State along Enugu express way, opposite the Government house; I was coming from a school which I went for a photography proposal (someone would ask why I am always going to schools for photography proposals. Okay, this is the reason. I am a photographer, and I am majorly involved in photographing school children in groups – I will discuss more on that on my later posts).

These cattle rearers are really industrious, and I understand that the occupation (cattle rearing) is the culture of the Fulani’s.

Ima na ofu nama bu otu Nari na iri abuo? This translates to English as “Do you know that one cow costs about one hundred and twenty thousand naira?” – That’s real money. A cow sells for 80,000, 100,000, and so on depending on the size.

His name is Audu and he is an indigene of Chad republic in Cameroon. He does his business in Nigeria, but his family lives in Cameroon. Beside him is his bow which he uses to catch bush meat for personal food. He speaks French but because he has been in Nigeria for quite some time doing his business, he now hears and speaks Hausa.

This is Audus’ assistant

His assistant is a Fulani -an indigene of Nigeria; they work together in the cattle rearing business. The bow and arrow on his hand is used to catch bush meat for their personal consumption, he prefers eating bush meat to Audu.

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