Apply for the role of Retail Store Supervisor

Job Summary

We are looking for a suitable candidate to fill this position.

  • Minimum Qualification: Degree
  • Experience Level: Mid level
  • Experience Length: 3 years

Job Description/Requirements


1. Manage Staff:

  • Managing and overseeing store staff takes up a large chunk of Retail Supervisory time. Sales associates, cashiers, greeters, stock people, and any in-store staff will all need to be properly managed by you to ensure that they complete their assigned tasks in a timely manner. Additionally, As a Retail Supervisor, you must train, counsel, discipline, and promote employees as the organization sees fit.

2. Monitor Finances:

  • In addition to managing staff, as a Retail Supervisor, you will also need to monitor their store’s finances. This can include drawing up budgets, scheduling expenditures, analyzing discrepancies between the budget and actual expenses, analyzing profitability ratios, and implementing corrective measures.

3. Maintain Store:

  • As anyone in sales can attest, a store’s presentation is vital to its success with customers. As a Retail Supervisor, you will be charged with delegating and performing tasks related to upkeep and organization, including the rearranging of shelves, the setting up of displays, and the cleaning of the store and products.

4. Maintain Inventory:

  • Part of your Retail Supervisory job is to make sure that all items are in stock while always striving to eliminate as much waste as possible. This involves coordinating deliveries, checking inventory numbers, recording missing or stolen merchandise, and planning special discount offers as needed.

5. Assist Customers:

  • As the highest-level employee present at the store, Retail Supervisors will need to assist customers on a regular basis. From finding specific items to correcting pricing mistakes to administering refunds or discounts, Retail Supervisors will spend a significant amount of time attending to customers’ needs

Experience level :3-7 years


  • BSc holder
  • Previous experience as a retail store supervisor, patient
  • Neat, Agile, and customer service oriented.

Salary: NGN70,000- NGN80,000

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