I Identify as a Nigerian + all the compliments I got today in the streets of America.


The American people are those that will tell you ‘I love your dress’ while you pass by and especially if the dress you put on looks African. My pretty dress was a gift and I really love the way it looks on me.

Today was my postpartum checkup in the hospital and I loved all the advise and care that the hospital gave because it shows that people are intentional about development and doing things rightly.

I got a lot of beautiful compliments today (like I always do) and I am more inspired to keep loving my natural, cultural and African self. Although sometimes being so natural makes me look very young, like a sweet 16 year old, hahaha. I get that all the time.

But, to me, I believe that looking big has to do with what you have achieved with your life on earth. And, by the way, this young looking lady has added a hat on her head as a new mom of the perfect baby.

Stopped by at Whole foods Market, Downtown Los Angeles, California
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