The Book of 1st Chronicles| Bible Introduction and Summary of 1st Chronicles


The Books of Chronicles are largely a retelling of events recorded in the Books of Samuel and Kings, but from a different point of view. Two main purposes govern the account of the history of the Israelite monarchy in the Books of Chronicles: (1) To show that in spite of the disasters that had fallen upon the kingdoms of Israel and Judah, God was still keeping his promises to the nation and was working out his plan for his people through those who were living in Judah. As a basis for this assurance, the writer looked to the great achievements of David and Solomon, to the reforms of Jehoshaphat, Hezekiah, and Josiah, and to the people who remained faithful to God. (2) To describe the origin of the worship of God in the Temple at Jerusalem, and especially the organization of the priests and Levites, by which the worship was carried out. David is presented as the real founder of the Temple and its ritual, even though it is Solomon who builds the Temple.Outline of ContentsGenealogies and lists 1.1—9.44The death of Saul 10.1–14The reign of David 11.1—29.30a. Troubles and achievements 11.1—22.1b. Preparations for building the Temple 22.2—29.30

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