My 25th Birthday in 2023 – What I am doing differently.


The big number is 25. Lol, from that very little girl to me now, I really do not see much of anything changing about who I truly am.

Sometimes, I look back and see that my convictions are truly just the same and have remained so since I was a teenager. The things I like to do and the things I do not like, have necessarily not even changed.

I am still a girl who loves being natural and I am a girl who loves the truth.

The thing I am doing differently on my 25th birthday is that I am publicly announcing that it is my 25th birthday. Lol, I know this sounds kinda silly. But, it is what it is!

I know that quite a lot of people do not like coming out open with their age and all. But, to me, I feel that is so much of a burden to keep to yourself and living everyday is a blessing to be grateful for.

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