We are not married yet. Should I ever help him arrange his house?



Thank you Somtochukwu for giving young people this opportunity to share their thoughts and know what you think about it. The question that has been bothering me is that I have been dating my boyfriend for some time now but most times when I go to his house, it kind of looks scattered and I feel like helping him arrange it but because I hear a lot of situations whereby people say that if a lady begins to help a guy with chores when they are not yet married, he wouldn’t value her again. What do you think about this and please what should I do?

It all depends on the kind of chores. If you are dating a disciplined man, he may not even want to ask you to do very strenuous chores for him like washing his jean trouser or things like that. But even as a disciplined lady, when you go to a person’s house and it looks scattered, if you have had the foundation of hard work and cleanliness, you will always want to keep the place you find yourself tidy. It is not the marriage that brings in care, it is the established relationship and love that you both share that makes you want to help him out.

Looking at it from another scenario, if you cannot help a man out with arranging his house because you both aren’t married yet, then it also means that the man shouldn’t ever spend his money on you, whether buying you cloth’s, shoes, paying for bills, etc because you both aren’t married yet too.

In my view, I suggest that you should help him out without being hypocritical or expecting something in return (marriage). Do it because you are disciplined to keep your surrounding tidy and I will honestly tell you that men with virtue will appreciate that a lot rather than looking down at you.

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