Joshigwe pushes truth and vulnerability in a new 8-track album, ‘XTC’

Joshigwe gets real on his album.

Joshigwe's album

Nigerian artiste Joshigwe has released an eight-track album ‘XTC’ which is about truth, vulnerability, deep and light emotions, fun, and one of the strongest aspects of living.

In approximately eight minutes and eighteen seconds, Joshigwe takes listeners on a trip into heavy eclecticism, the avant-garde, and ecstasy or ‘XTC’ as he pushes musical norms, merges boundaries of cultures and arts by fusing several musical styles.

He leans towards a less unconventional approach to composition and music creation as he merges several live elements with synthetic musical elements to create a blend that is both strange and familiar regardless of where your musical taste lies.

The album “XTC” can pass for a musical aphrodisiac, up and mid-tempo vibe, and even a calming easy-listening album – depending on the approach and mental state of the listener.

There are elements of AfrobeatsHip-HopEDMHigh-LifeTrap, and Pop. From the thumping effect of the heavy 808 kicks and bass to the elevating effects of live guitars, bass, synths, and West African percussions, ‘XTC’ will be just anything you want it to be.

‘XTC‘ is more than just an alternative album, it is a careful and careless fusion of everything musical and pleasing.

It is an elevating and soul-opening album for the mind and soul.

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